Bounce N Bang

Bounce N Bang is one of the newest bounce ball physics based puzzle games on stores, with over 50+ enticing levels, a historical background (fictional story of medieval era) and is extremely addictive. Best puzzle game for the whole family.

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Looking for a fun game to play. Well you are lucky today! This is the most addictive new game on the blog where you have to clear the village from enemy occupation by shooting cannon balls , fireballs ,missiles and whatever you can get. A simple strategic but brain teasing and mind game. You might have already played classic bubble shooter games but this one has new concept, with multiple cannons you can shoot and bounce off walls making your way towards enemy's castle.


Background Story

Long long ago in a place far away, there was a peaceful village which got attacked by the inhabitants of the Zormen kingdom (fictional).
They ruined the village and enslaved its people.
Some of the villagers managed to escape and are now trying to save their people from the evil clutches of the castle dwellers and gain independence over their homeland.
The Zormen kingdom has its forces in castles and armed buildings, help these villagers in crushing their enemies and regaining the piece of land the formerly belonged to them.

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